Steven Spielberg addresses "Spielburgers"

The rise and fall of the Carl's Jr. Spielburger: A symphony in 6 tweets

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Mar 28, 2018, 9:13 AM EDT

The Carl's Jr. fast food chain recently had a dream. Their dream was big, bold, Spielbergian, but was  not to be. Alas, "Spielburgers" will never be a thing.

To celebrate the opening of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, the chain took to Twitter with their dream — a dream of changing the name of their charbroiled sliders to "Spielburgers." In the following tweet, they acknowledge that Spielberg had not signed off on the idea, but that they were "pretty sure he was into it." 

Here is the birth of the dream

Not content to simply wait for a regular response, Carl's Jr. took things to the next level. They decided to take their dreams to Amblin Entertainment, but were apparently kicked off the lot.

Here the dream is deferred, but not lost

Rather than leave empty-handed, the team left the following note on Spielberg's car, imploring Spielberg that they want to "talk Spielburgers ASAP!!!!" They also say that they are "pumped for Ready Player One."

The dream is still alive, but dangling by a thread

Though Amblin's Twitter, Spielberg himself finally addressed the Carl's Jr. team. He admits that he likes their burgers, but he's not into the idea. He tells them to "cease and desist." 

The dream dies

In case Spielberg wasn't being clear enough, Warner Bros. made things even more clear on their Twitter— they make it clear that "this is not approved." 

The dream is fully dead

The dream may be dead, but the spark is alive

And there you have it — the rise and fall of the Spielburger. The dream may be dead, but the memories will never truly die. Who knows what other food/director combinations will be attempted in the future? Especially since this one worked like a charm in generating some buzz for both sides?

If you have an idea for a great one, by all means, pitch it in the comments. The real Spielburgers were the friends we made along the way.