The Ritual trailer: Something is hunting four friends in new sneak peek at Netflix release

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Jan 26, 2018

February isn't necessarily the month you think of when you think of horror films, but next month Netflix is rolling out something that looks extraordinarily creepy: The Ritual.

Produced by Andy Serkis' studio The Imaginarium, The Ritual was released in the United Kingdom back in October (the month you do think of when you think of horror movies), and it impressed Netflix enough that the streaming giant acquired it for wider release. 

In a story that's part The Blair Witch Project and part DreamcatcherThe Ritual follows four friends who opt to reconnect after another of their best friends is murdered during a robbery. In his memory, they decide to go on an ambitious hike through the Swedish wilderness. When one of them badly injures his ankle, the decide to shorten the trip by taking a shortcut through a massive and gloomy forest. Once inside, they find a gutted animal and strange carvings on the trees, and things only get creepier from there.


If you've seen the original U.K. trailer, you've already glimpsed a lot of this footage, but the Netflix trailer adds in a bit more plot, a few more creepy images, and one particularly memorable sequence that will make you never want to go camping again.

The Ritual stars Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier, Arsher Alie, and Sam Troughton. It hits Netflix Feb. 9.

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