The Rock channels his inner John McClane in action-packed new Skyscraper trailer

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Jul 2, 2018, 12:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Consider this your Die Hard Christmas in July, with Dwayne Johnson as your fed-up, ass-kicking Santa Claus. With less than two weeks to go before Universal Pictures’ new, futuristic take on the towering inferno thriller hits theaters, the latest trailer for Skyscraper is dispensing with the chitchat and skipping straight to the action.

Johnson’s Will Sawyer isn’t about to let a traumatic wartime past, a prosthetic leg, or a snarkily dismissive employer stand in the way of protecting his family when the 240-story super-tall structure he’s been hired to assess security for goes up in flames —  with his wife and kids inside. Sensing on the fly that the fire is no accident, The Rock literally leaps into action, racing against the clock in a flaming thriller that introduces Sawyer as the 21st century’s very own John McClane, Bruce Willis’ hero in the iconic, comparison-inviting Die Hard series.

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Sawyer hasn’t picked up a gun in 10 years, ever since the former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and war veteran suffered a life-changing injury that took him out of the field and into a settled life with Sarah, his wife, and their two kids. Recruited as a security advisor for The Pearl — a skyscraper so advanced it’s basically a stationary spaceship — he and his family become the first residential guinea pigs for the Chinese structure, which touts itself as the world’s safest building. 

We’ve seen how that turns out, both in other movies and in Skyscraper’s first two trailers. A fire breaks out, it’s probably arson, and it’s probably connected to a larger plot designed to catch mere pawns like Sawyer unaware. And with his family trapped above the fire line, Sawyer’s not exactly lacking for motivation to get to the bottom of things, and fast.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (who also paired off with Johnson for 2016’s Central Intelligence), Skyscraper also stars Neve Campbell (House of Cards), Ng Chin Han (Independence Day: Resurgence), Roland Møller (Atomic Blonde), Pablo Schreiber (American Gods), Byron Mann (The Expanse), Noah Taylor (Edge of Tomorrow), Byron Lawson (Snakes on a Plane), and Hannah Quinlivan.

We’ll be taking the elevator all the way to the top when Skyscraper blazes into theaters on July 13.