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The Rock drops People’s Disbelief-Suspending Elbow on Jumanji nitpicker

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Jan 26, 2018, 12:43 PM EST (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle minor plot point discussed below!

The whole internet can smell what The Rock is cooking, and it’s a complete ethering of nitpickers online that think it’s okay to tag a movie’s stars in their profanity-laden quibbles. That's pretty much what happened when a detractor took to the web to complain about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Twitterer James McMahon, like most Jumanji viewers, enjoyed the film. Yet, he had a beef with a climactic plot detail (in the jewel-returning, level-hopping madness that is the video game iteration of Jumanji, played in Welcome to the Jungle) that simply didn't sit right with him. So what else to do? Complain online.

But Dwayne Johnson runs the internet, so when McMahon decided to start off his Rock-tagged tweet with “F*** THE NEW JUMANJI,” there was bound to be a perfect response coming once it caught Johnson's eye.

Sidebar: McMahon’s problem with the movie isn’t the ridiculous body-swapping, video game premise, but that in a video game, it’s unlikely that if you die that you will come back to life with all your items and equipment intact.

Despite that most modern video games have checkpoints and quicksaves, this ruined the movie for the potty-mouthed protester -- and The Rock was ready to drop the People’s Disbelief-Suspending Elbow to sort things out.

Take a look:

Though we’d love to get our hands on the Jumanji Lore Handbook, this fantastic and fantastical response is, if anything, a reminder not to get too bent out of shape while watching movies. Some of us might enjoy poking fun at details, but looking for minor plot holes is a good way to ruin a movie.

The two seemed to reconcile after the smackdown, but how could anyone continue to fight Johnson? He’s just so charming (and knowledgeable about the Handbook).