The Russos will take on Quantum and Woody TV series after Infinity War

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Dec 18, 2020, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

Just a few years ago, Joe and Anthony Russo were two guys best known for directing TV episodes, largely for comedies like Community and Arrested Development. Their reputation didn't exactly scream blockbuster, but then they were chosen to helm Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and two movies later, they're the hottest genre double act in town.

Right now, the Russo Brothers are neck deep in filming Avengers: Infinity War, but when they're done with that they can basically have their pick of any number of genre projects. Well, it seems one of those projects is another superhero story, but this time it won't be at Marvel Studios.

The Wrap reports that the brothers are returning to TV to executive-produce a new series based on the Valiant Entertainment comic Quantum and Woody. Fellow Marvel Studios alums Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, who are currently writing Ant-Man and The Wasp, will also executive-produce and write the pilot for the series.

Eric "Quantum" Henderson and Woodrow "Woody" Van Chelton are adoptive brothers who, after an estrangement, join together to investigate the death of their father. In the process, they're exposed to a mysterious energy that grants them super powers, along with a caveat that basically forces them to stay close to each or they risk death. They're not the best superheroes in the world. Also there's a Goat. It's a fun time!

Quantum and Woody is one of many Valiant properties to experience a resurgence since the company relaunched it superhero line in 2012, and these characters have enjoyed a particularly acclaimed run thanks to the new series by writer James Asmus and artist Tom Fowler. Now, with films based on the Valiant characters Bloodshot and Harbinger already in development, Quantum and Woody are set to follow them to live action.

Snagging the Russos to shepherd these characters is a big triumph for Valiant as it continues to build its filmed entertainment brand, and as for the Russos ... well, they clearly love these characters, since they're not exactly starved for opportunities these days. What we have to wait and watch for now is when and how this series will really take shape.