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The screenwriters of Deadpool 2 reveal a scrapped Chris Evans post-credits scene and more in Twitter Q&A

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May 17, 2018, 2:32 PM EDT

Today, Deadpool 2 screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, stopped by Twitter HQ to answer some burning fan questions about the highly-anticipated sequel, which hits theaters Friday. As you'd expect, their answers were wacky, fun, and in some cases, extremely illuminating and teasing. Who is running Peter's social media? What was the funniest moment on set? And who could portray Wade Wilson other than Ryan Reynolds? The answers await you below...

The mastermind behind PeterW_1974:

In reference to Peter being on Twitter and LinkedIn, Reese revealed that the people behind the accounts are a mix of himself, Wernick, Rob Delaney, 20th Century Fox marketing, and Ryan Reynolds. Particularly, Reynolds is the main man in control. 

“He is the voice of Peter most often," said Reese. "If you think it’s funny, you’re getting a window into Ryan’s awesome sense of humor.”

The funniest moment on set:

“His sad, sort of jump from his butt out into space really got everybody laughing,” he said.

Cut sequences:

Two scenes were brought up during the Q&A. One was what they described as "the suicide montage" where Wade tries to kill himself by climbing into a polar bear enclosure and drinking Drano. The montage was also in the script for the first movie, but never made it in, which means we could see it in Deadpool 3, said Reese.

The second sequence would have been after the credits where Chris Evans shows up to interview for X-Force as Captain America, but Wade calls him out as being the Human Torch.  Evans did indeed play Johnny Storm in two Fantastic Four movies in 2005 and 2007 that could have been better. Thankfully, Captain Rogers was there to catch him when the flame went out. 

Answering a hard-hitting question:

Trolling his fellow Deadpool 2 screenwriters, Ryan Reynolds got in on the Q&A action by asking:

"Rhett and Paul: Two part question. ONE: If Thanos were here, which of you would you prefer to live, and which of you would prefer to die painfully in a cloud of rotting brown ash? And TWO: What was your favorite day on set? #AskRhettandPaul"

The duo's answer? "BLOCKED!" 

Who could play Deadpool other than Ryan Reynolds?

There was not even an iota of hestiation on this question. It would be prolific voice actor Nolan North, who has voiced the character many times over the years. North also does the voices of popular video game characters like Nathan Drake in Uncharted and Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed.

Lauren vs. Yanny:

Deadpool 2 slams into theaters this weekend and could very well unseat Avengers: Infinity War at the box office for No. 1 on the week.