The SDCC Dark Matter panel just warped spacetime and showed us the future

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Jul 21, 2017, 7:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Dark Matter has been through two seasons of amnesia, androids, death, doppelgängers, mistaken identity, power trips, swordfights, and more death, and the third has already seen the Raza crew encounter everything from abduction by their doppelgangers to a computer program that unsettlingly keeps getting more and more human. If you already think Season 3 is spiraling out of control, it's only going to get more warped from here.

What producer Jay Firestone and cast members Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland and Roger Cross (plus Zoie Palmer aka Android via an onscreen transmission) revealed about future events in the Raza's dystopian altverse at the Season 3 panel will make you impatient for Episode 8. And 9. And the rest of the season. And a possible Season 4. Wait, did I just say that?

Then there was the question of what species of the sci-fi genre Dark Matter is. The cast and Firestone agrees that it orbits somewhere in the universe of classic sci-fi even in a world where horror and fantasy crossovers have been multiplying like Xenomorphs. As for the reason behind that, I have to quote Melissa O'Neil, who said everything with this:

"Because we miss Firefly."

As the rest of the panel progressed, Firefly became a thing.


Interspecies dating is nothing new in science fiction, but human-hologram romances are not nearly as common except for that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where LaForge falls hard for a woman generated by the holodeck. Enter Three and Sarah. She's supposed to be dead. "Supposed to" are the operative words here. The relationship they switched on since her consciousness was downloaded by the Raza server is only going to intensify this season, to the point that Lemke thinks his character will lose face from sucking face with a hologram.

Speaking of space romance, Firestone tried to tantalize the audience by throwing out the question of whether anyone wants any particular hook-ups to happen — but nobody really wanted to talk about matters of the heart (even if it is prime fanfiction fodder) right after asked about how much we love aliens and android revolts. There were some vague rumors about Ryo and Android possibly making out in the next episode. Then he broke our hearts by admitting he killed off One because he wanted to expose the characters' vulnerability. RIP.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Jodelle was also the one-armed zombie who killed Sigourney Weaver in Cabin in the Woods.

This panel was electrified with an energy of galactic proportions. There was an almost supernatural spirit of camaraderie among the cast members that spread through the entire audience who would spontaneously cheer them on — and not just when spoilers were revealed, either — with Raza crew! Raza crew! Which is how you can do the same on Twitter, because I know you're going to be tagging #RazaCrew when you tweet about this.

You won't want to miss Episode 8 tonight because Melissa mentioned it was her favorite ... and almost confessed why before she went silent before giving away any spoilers. The season finale is fueling up to be explosive. You'll just have to keep watching and tweeting #RazaCrew.

Oh, and spoiler: gateway. Whatever that means.

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