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The Simpsons comic is coming to an end after 25 years

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Jul 28, 2018, 10:54 AM EDT

The Simpsons is coming to an end -- in the comic book world, at least. 

While the long-running, record-breaking animated series will be premiering its 30th season this fall, their comic series Simpsons Comics is shutting down after 25 years. 

The news was first mentioned by Simpsons Comics scribe Ian Boothby at San Diego Comic-Con. Yesterday, publisher Bongo Comics took to Facebook to make the news official: The 245th issue of Simpsons Comics, which is due out in October, will be the last.

"It’s a heartfelt series farewell from your pals at Bongo," the post read. "A tale of twists, turns, irradiated missteps, and surprise cameos that will have your head spinning, bosom heaving and wallet screaming to be emptied!"

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper farewell if they didn't work in at least one good Simpsons reference, which they did.

"We hate to say goodbye, so let's just leave it at 'Smell ya later!'"

The series was launched along with Bongo Comics back in 1993 by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. It aimed to tell original stories separate from the TV show, as well as follow up on events that would occur on the small screen. They released several other titles over the years, including Simpsons offshoots like Itchy & Scratchy Comics and Bart Simpson favorite Radioactive Man.

Bongo Comics took its name from Groening's one-eared rabbit from his comic strip Life In Hell.

This news does call into question the future of Bongo Comics. The publisher's only other major title, SpongeBob SquarePants, announced plans to go on "an extended break," which some are speculating means that the 25-year-old publishing company might be saying "Smell ya later forever."

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