The Simpsons Season 30 SDCC panel talks favorite guest star, reveals Guillermo del Toro role

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Jul 21, 2018, 3:26 PM EDT

Though the long-running animation staple The Simpsons has been under fire for its representation as of late, they show no signs of slowing down -- even as the show-that-time-forgot heads into its 30th season. Yes, 30. The Simpsons are entering their thirties.

At the The Simpsons panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the team -- including creator Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, director David Silverman, and prolific voice actress Tress MacNeille -- explained what fans can expect from the (now geriatric) yellow family.

After a small clip from last season featuring Homer eating, well, everything in New Orleans for a few minutes (and then needing one of the city's famous vomitoriums), Silverman explained that computer compositing allows the family to travel to more "artistic settings," which frees up the writers. They also showed off the sporific clip below...

As talk turned to guests, Anne Hathaway, who did all her own singing during her appearance on the show, was cited as a panel-favorite guest star. The upcoming season features already-announced heavy-hitters like Gal Gadot, but the newest addition to the season is Guillermo del Toro (playing himself). The director has previously done a couch gag for the show during "Treehouse of Horror XXIV."

The Simpsons’ 30th season airs on Sep. 30.

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