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The Smash Sisters are looking to get more women involved with competitive Smash

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Mar 26, 2019, 3:03 PM EDT

Super Smash Bros. is an insanely competitive game, and if you're used to watching on the sidelines instead of actively participating, you may feel like an outsider. 

That's doubly true if you're a woman looking to enter the arena, or even a beginner who isn't used to the stressful requirements of playing on a competitive level. It can be tough to find your foothold, which is part of the reason why Smash Sisters exists. Described as a "series of women's crew battles featuring the Super Smash Bros. games," it was founded as a way to bring both new and veteran female Smash players together and "boost overall competitive participation." 

Founded in 2016 by players milktea and emilywaves, the initiative is dedicated to bolstering the support of women in organized Smash competitions after milktea criticized the lack of women routinely playing in the Smash community. Milktea previously discussed the organization's mission to raise awareness in a way that "did not shame male gamers" and instead sought to bring all players together, all while nurturing women's role in the competitive scene. 

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Both women, real names Lil Chen and Emily Sun, are competitive players themselves and share an admiration for the game that's rarely matched. They've made plenty of friendships through connections forged inside and outside of Smash, and now they're working to make the perfect space for other women to do the same thing, engendering connections and camaraderie in the community. 

For the uninitiated, Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular games worldwide when it comes to competitive play — and it's also a massively popular title in general. Throughout its various iterations, it's been a Nintendo fan's dream for quite some time. You can select your favorite Nintendo (and various third-party) characters and beat the stuffing out of one another for a wide variety of fantasy battles set in different Nintendo environments. 

Players take to Smash Sisters ongoing crew battles and compete against each other in a safe environment with like-minded players and those who understand the game as they do — a smashing good time if we do say so ourselves. 

The overarching goal for Smash Sisters, as explained by the founders in an interview with Kotaku, is to accomplish several important things, which includes increasing their "install base," and getting even casual gamers to play and enjoy the Super Smash Bros. series. There's also the goal of building a community to ensure there are plenty of women around at any given time to enjoy a few rounds of the game with, and then offer resources for players to improve their game over time. And then there's the matter of attending tournaments. 

"If you don't go, you can't get better," they explained. But for many women, and beginners of all stripes, sometimes the logistical problems blocking them from entry are just as foreboding as the anxiety of jumping into this world head first. That's one reason Smash Sisters is such a unique and useful initiative. 

Smash Sisters has taken on an important role in the gaming community, inviting and nurturing more badass female players who may one day blossom into tomorrow's pro players. And that's something to be massively proud of. 

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