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The Stan Lee Story: a look inside a Marvel historian’s touching tribute to Stan Lee

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:54 AM EDT (Updated)

Of all the tributes to the late Marvel legend, an upcoming biography entitled The Stan Lee Story is perhaps the largest and most ambitious. The limited-run book — only 1,000 copies will be sold — comes signed by Lee himself and contains almost 450 pages of Lee’s life in comics, stories, and pictures within its protective case (the project was underway and set for release before his passing). And we’ve got a look inside.

Written by Roy Thomas, Lee’s successor as Marvel editor-in-chief and renown comics writer in his own right, The Stan Lee Story includes a foreword by its subject, a separately-bound version of Lee’s behind-the-scenes comic Secrets Behind the Comics, and plenty of insight about the creator of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and many more. And oh yeah, it’ll run you $1,500.

But for a collector’s item, it’s hard to beat. With the pure access given to the author, the book documents Lee’s early life, his long marriage to Joan, and his seemingly endless string of groundbreaking creative partnerships.

Below is a gallery of images documenting his early life, his first comics (Captain America, the rhyming Imp, and the strange Father Time), and the origin of all those cameos. The nickname king of comics had plenty to dole out, with delights both big (the introduction of Spider-Man) and small (an envelope demarking the winner of one of Lee’s infamous “No-Prizes”) getting the HD treatment in the book.

The Stan Lee Story will be available later this November.