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The stealth Walking Dead Easter egg you probably missed in FTWD's midseason finale

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Jun 14, 2018, 4:44 PM EDT (Updated)

The Walking Dead universe just got a little smaller. Fans were pretty psyched to see Lennie James' beloved character, Morgan, join the cast of TWD's spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, in the fourth season premiere back in April.

And in a crossover event for the ages, Morgan's buddies and Walking Dead mainstays Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carol (Melissa McBride), and Jesus (Tom Payne) all made a memorable cameo as well to mark the occasion.

But much to the surprise of the zombie faithful, Sunday's FTWD midseason finale offered up a rather telling hint that the two shows are even more intertwined than we thought. Chalk it up to a carefully placed easter egg eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed as Madison (Kim Dickens) was searching through Althea's (Maggie Grace) box of tapes and came upon one marked "Abe/Doctor."

Just who is "Abe/Doctor" exactly?

As Walking Dead devotees well know, "Abe" refers to Abraham Ford, the tough-talking fan favorite played by Michael Cudlitz who was tragically killed at the hands of Negan back in Season 7. And "Doctor" is a clear nod to Abraham's companion, Dr. Eugene Porter, a faux scientist who claimed he knew how to stop the pandemic.


The tape's sneaky placement in Fear the Walking Dead would seem to officially link the two shows' timelines. As we know from The Walking Dead, both Abraham and Eugene were in Texas when the zombie apocalypse began and the latter claimed they must travel to Washington D.C., where he believed they'd find a cure that could save the world. And the fact that Althea has the recording means that she must have run into the duo somewhere on the road and interviewed them about their journey before they met Rosita.

That's at least the view of FTWD showrunner Ian Goldberg, who offered up his thoughts on the possible link on AMC's Talking Dead.

"When Madison is rummaging through Al's tapes, we see they’re all labeled. And each of those tapes, each of those labels, will tell a story. They’re all stories that Al has captured at one point or another in her travels, and if you look closely, some of those names might ring a bell if you're a fan of the Walking Dead universe; you might get excited about some of the stories that she's captured," Goldberg told host Chris Hardwick (h/t Bleeding Cool).

The tape of Abraham's interview apparently came as a shock to the actor who played him.

But who knows what other fun crossovers producers have in store? We'll just have to wait a few more months to find out as AMC has announced that the second half of Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, Aug. 12.