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The super-gang heats up the Cold War in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for “White Knights,” the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The highlights: The time-jumping shenanigans continue as the team hops to the middle of the Cold War to take another shot at Vandal Savage. But it seems Savage has spent the decade since his last run-in with the would-be Legends trying to build his very own version of Firestorm. Uh-oh. So the gang breaks into the research facility to shut it down. Surprise, surprise: It does not go as planned.

Snart semi-seduces the doctor in charge of the project and steals her keycard, thinking she’s probably unaware she’s helping out an immortal psycho (they’re wrong), and she ends up helping take Ray, Dr. Stein and Mick Rory prisoner by the end of the episode. But on the plus side, Snart does escape with the key piece of tech needed to build a Firestorm. Bad news: Savage now has Stein (half of Firestorm) locked in his Russian gulag. 

Vandal Savage has been busy


Though we didn’t actually see him this week, Vandal Savage loomed large over “White Knights.” The guy hasn’t survived all this time by being dumb, so he capitalized on all the intel he put together about the Legends last week (in the 1970s) and is now trying to basically battle them in an arms race. This is an interesting angle that’s starting to shine as the show gets rolling, as we see Savage taking the slow road through time (and using it to his advantage), while Rip and the gang just time jump from era to era.

If anything, the team is basically doing damage control for the problems they've already introduced into the timeline. There's obviously a learning curve when mucking around in the time stream, but you'd think Rip would be a bit more careful, considering his training. Every time the team fails to take down Savage, they’re really doing a lot more damage than good, because he learns more about these future heroes and their powers that make them so formidable. This will likely be a theme moving forward, methinks. 

The Time Masters are kinda shady

Just when we thought the Waverider had escaped from the grasps of the Time Masters, Chronos’ ship shows up. Luckily, Rip is a savvy (if not a mildly reckless) captain, and uses the Russian air force to help take out Chronos’ ship. But, it seems the poor man’s Boba Fett did not come alone, as one of Rip’s former mentors has tagged along to make Rip an offer he’s keen to consider.

The Time Master claims the council will pardon Rip and send his team back to their proper time unharmed, then work to fix all the screw-ups the Legends have wrought upon the timeline in their failed bids to stop Savage (of which were are myriad, apparently). Rory thinks it’s all a trap, but Rip is inclined to consider the deal. Turns out Mick is a pretty good judge of people, so Rip calls the bluff and shows up for the deal (with some back-up, thankfully). When Chronos sneaks out of the pushes to pull a gun on Rip, the captain has his answer. The Legends are on their own, and there’s now a bounty on Rip’s head.

There wasn't much of safety net, anyway, but now their backs are really against the wall.

Kendra and Sarah have some issues


Though they sit out the main mission at the heart of the episode (after going a bit rogue on the episode-opening infiltration of the Pentagon), Kendra and Sarah still get a solid B-story. Kendra is going a little rage-crazy while trying to process Hawkman’s death, while Sarah is going a little rage-crazy dealing with her resurrection via the Lazarus Pit back on Arrow. So, Rip puts them together, in hopes they can help each other find their own, personal middle grounds. After they nearly kill one another, Rip’s plan kind of works, and it’s worth noting this arc does provide some much-needed follow up to their respective traumas. It’s nice to see that fallout not get swept under the rug.

It's a bit on the nose to have them being the opposite sides of the same coin, but it still works.

Storm brewin’ for Firestorm 

Dr. Stein and Jax have always had a somewhat rocky relationship, as the former quarterback doesn’t exactly get along with the condescending old man bossing him around in his head. The fact that Stein drugged Jax and brought him on the adventure against his will didn’t help (though Jax did, eventually, agree to sign on). Their contrasting styles finally come to a head here, as Jax is wounded after going off half-cocked against Stein’s best wishes.

Stein then berates him, in a scene that came off really mean on Stein’s end, and a little whiny from Jax’s point of view. Luckily, there were going somewhere with that, as Stein later admits he’s over-compensating and pushing Jax so hard because he feels guilty about the death of his former-half Ronnie Raymond (R.I.P.). Again, it’s handled a little clunky, but it’s nice to see them tie back into Stein’s history with Firestorm.

Line of the night: ”Gideon, bone me." -Snart

Random observation: He started out as Snart’s silent sidekick, but Mick Rory has quickly grown into one of the most entertaining members of the team. His one-liner ratio is 3:1 against just about everyone else, and teaming him up with Rip was a refreshing change of pace. Rory FTW.

Up next: The cliffhangers are a nice fit for the event series approach, giving these stories some space to breathe and set the stake. Next week will seemingly find the gang staging a Russian prison break (heehee). 

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