The team gets a shake-up, and makes its own luck, in the latest Flash

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

The gang mixes it up with a meta human unlike any they’ve ever faced, and though wacky hijinks most definitely ensue, the irreverent tale of a woman who falls into a whole lot of good luck is the perfect backdrop for a character-driven story that shakes up the very makeup of Team Flash.

Spoilers ahead for “Luck Be a Lady,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, October 24, 2017!

The times, they are a changin’. Or, more specifically, the makeup of Team Flash.

The crew has been more than busy the past few weeks, but there’s nothing like dropping Tom Cavanagh back into the middle of this cast to remind you just how much he brings to the table. The team has been down a “Wells” following the death of H.R. last season, but Harry popped by for a visit this week and sticks around to help the team tackle all the bad luck coming its way. After serving as a series regular in Season 2, Harry reverted to a recurring player on Team Flash after leaving to help his daughter fulfill her own hero’s journey as a speedster.

Well, a lot has changed since then. Harry did such a great job helping his daughter Jesse Quick set up her own team (which we’re totally calling Jesse and the Quicksters), she decides to vote Harry off the team for being so, well, serious and demanding. It was an interesting twist to bring Harry back into the fold with Team Flash, and actually provides a compelling reason for why he wouldn’t be working with Jesse. She’s forging her own path, and having her old man around was only holding her back, it seems. That leaves Harry as a Wells without a speedster to help, and with Team Flash holding a vacancy, it seems Harry will be sticking around for the long haul.

Cavanagh brings so much nuance to these various versions of Harrison Wells that it’s a pleasure to watch, and there's no doubt Harry quickly became a fan favorite in Season 2. It’s great to have Cavanagh back on the screen regardless, but even better that he’ll be playing Harry for the foreseeable future. Just keep giving him scenes with Cisco, please.

The other big move: Fresh off a brutal break-up with Jesse (complete with a hilariously depressing Earth-2 breakup box), Wally has decided to take Kid Flash on the road for a bit of soul-searching. The writers were between a rock and a hard place when it came to Wally this season, because no matter how you play it, his character is being pushed to the back burner by bringing Barry back. It’s just the nature of the beast. Iris had already assumed the leadership role on the team, so in a sense, it almost made Wally’s role redundant by having two Fastest Men Alive on the roster. Well, the solution (at least for now) is apparently to send Wally packing. This is obviously not the last we’ve seen of Kid Flash, but maybe a break from Central City is exactly what he needs at this point.

Looking to the comics, it’s not uncommon for Wally West and Barry Allen to set up shop in different cities, and much as Nightwing’s tenure in Bludhaven helped define him as his own man, this could be the hero’s journey Wally has been waiting for. Here’s hoping we’ll get to follow it.

So that leaves Harry back on the team, and Wally in the wind. We already unceremoniously lost Julian in the offseason, and with Elongated Man showing up in next week’s episode and expected to stick around, it seems the STAR Labs HQ will be looking very different soon.

Assorted musings


*As for the Meta Human of the Week story? It focused on the C-list comic baddie Hazard, aka Rebecca Sharpe, and made for a lot of fun moments. We got Barry literally tripping on a barrel of marbles, burst pipes in Joe’s house, and more than a few Rube Goldberg-ian bad luck scenes. With so much already happening on the character front, it was a nice counterweight to all the heaviness.

*Cecile and Joe spend the episode debating whether to sell Joe’s old house for a new place, and end on the bombshell that Cecile is pregnant. So she wants to keep the house now to raise their new baby there. Joe seemed more than shellshocked by the news, so it’ll be interesting to see where this story heads next.

*It didn’t take long to find out where all these mysterious, new meta humans are coming from: Barry’s Speed Force portal when the team yanked him out in the premiere. It apparently hit a bus full of random citizens, dosing them in dark matter and giving them all sorts of abilities. They’ve identified two, and there are 12 more to go.

*Thanks to Harry, the team is also putting together the fact that all this may have been planned by a mystery player. Viewers already know The Thinker is pulling those strings, but it’s nice to see the team at least getting on that track. Sadly, they don’t know there’s a camera in that samurai helmet.

*Easter egg: Harry references that darn “Atlantean plastic” from Earth 2.

*Harry’s immense awkwardness while breaking up with Wally for Jesse was so hilarious, so awful, and so cringeworthy all at the same time.

*Iris is ready to get married, and we almost got a surprise wedding here. Of course, fans know they’re holding off on that for the big multi-show crossover, so just be patient. The wedding is coming.

*The line: “I love his coffin, is that cedar?” -- Iris

*Also: “I don’t understand millennials.” -- Harry

Next week: Elongated Man comes to town. Prepare for the Stretch Armstrong jokes from Cisco.