The Tick actors face their greatest foe: my couch

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Mar 26, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

While SYFY WIRE was at NYCC 2017, we interviewed the cast and crew of Amazon's The Tick in two groups. During the first interview, we talked for a very long time about Yoda's last name and his species, as you do in interviews where the voice of Darth Maul is present. It was great and you should definitely watch that video.

But our extended Yoda chat came at a price, and the price was that the other four actors in group two were only available for ONE QUESTION.

In moments such as these, you have to be quick on your feet. I had a lot of questions lined up, ones that would probe deep into the souls of both characters and performers. I had to come up with a question everyone in the room could give an answer to, one that would reveal something core to both The Tick as well as something that would reveal the best parts of those involved in making it.

And that is why I asked Yara Martinez, Valorie Curry, Jackie Earle Haley, and Scott Speiser who would win in a fight: their character or my couch aka basically the greatest interview question that has ever been asked ever. You're welcome, universe.