The Tick NYCC Panel teases Big Blue’s origins and the supervillain rockstar crawling into Part 2

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Oct 7, 2017, 1:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Superpowered chaos ensued when the big blue insectile superhero otherwise known as The Tick soared onto Amazon Prime this summer. Part 1 was infested with heroes and villains who often appeared as giant insects (working antennae and all), Fo-Ham, talking night-lights, an evil mastermind who faked his own death and a villainess who can’t possibly be taken seriously if she’s going to keep calling herself Miss Lint. Part 2 is only going to level up this insanity.

Profound weirdness will creep into Part 2 if you believe Ben Edlund. Con-goers got in on an exclusive clip of the unmasked Terror drumming and headbanging while Arthur and his unprotected eardrums were held hostage. Just that grotesque face without the mask is torture enough. This is the same villain almost no one wanted to admit was still breathing until he climbed out of the grave he was never buried in. When Tick’s feelers sense his reluctant sidekick is in the clutches of this scum, he shoots into the sky at Mach-something and booms “Hold on Arthur. Big Blue Yonder’s comin’ for ya.”  By the way, if you want to know whether Terror is any good, he’s pretty metal.

We will see even more of The Terror in Part 2, along with Superior, Midnight, and Danger Boat aka Alan Tudyk. Beyond that you might even see Man-Eating Cow and American Maid materialize in future seasons.

So it’s obvious Tick is a superhero, but that’s pretty much all he seems to know about himself. He can discriminate between good and evil and swoop into the right place at (usually) the right time. “The Tick’s morality is kind of a soft-serve superhero morality,” Edlund said, teasing that in Part 2, Tick’s backstory will start to unfold as he gets introspective about his own existence beyond “I’m a superhero.”

The Tick Part 2 will crash into Amazon on February 23, 2018. Binge-watch Part 1 on Amazon Prime now until Big Blue is back. 

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