The Tick Season 2 promises the debut of a comic and cartoon favorite

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Jul 20, 2018, 9:13 PM EDT

It sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming second season of The Tick

In addition to showing off a Season 2 teaser, series creator Ben Edlund spoke to a crowd at San Diego Comic-Con today about what's in store for round two. Namely, now that the Tick/Arthur relationship has been established, he said they'll start exploring the larger world they inhabit. 

After Tick and Arthur won the right to be superheroes in their town, Edlund said that this will start bringing more heroes out of the woodwork. One unnamed character will be recognized by fans from both the comic book and cartoon that the series is based on. Another, who was eventually immortalized as a toy, will "will loom increasingly in the continuity." 

But like the old saying goes, with more superheroes come more problems, and Government Agency, who Edlund compared to 1984’s Big Brother, will be tracking their every move. 

In addition to this whole new roster of characters, the show might be taking on a little bit of a tonal shift as well.

"We’ve got a little monster movie element to our new season. Expanding the world has been part of our goal," he added, echoing a similar sentiment he expressed back in March.  

As we wait for The Tick to return to Amazon Prime sometime in 2019, let us know what characters you're hoping to see make an appearance. 

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