The Tick Season One

The Tick's 2018 trailer promises more of the wild blue yonder on Amazon

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Jan 9, 2018, 1:30 PM EST

The Tick has been saving the world with his surreal cries of “Spoon!” in Amazon’s live-action reboot of Ben Edlund’s insane superhero weirdness, and now, it’s been revealed when The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) will return. Spoon! Sorry, “soon.” February 23,  to be exact.

Along with the release date, Amazon pushed out a new trailer teasing the season’s back half, focused on assembling a super-group of similarly silly heroes to help combat a growing threat. There's certainly a ton of wacky canon to mine from, and it seems The Tick will be having some fun in this world. 

Check it out below and let us know what you think:


“I fly, and fight henchmen, and even zip up a jacket! They truly can do anything with CGI these days!” joked star Griffin Newman, who plays The Tick’s mothish accountant sidekick Arthur, on Twitter earlier today.

But more than that, we see The Terror 2.0 (Jackie Earle Haley) flex some evil so sinister that The Tick must call a cabal of weirdos including Overkill (Scott Speiser), Tinfoil Kevin (Devin Ratray), Superian (Brendan Hines), Midnight (voiced by Townsend Coleman), Dangerboat (voiced by Alan Tudyk), and Dot (Valorie Curry) to combat him.

The Tick’s supporting players have always helped the oblivious destiny-seeker play on different straight men (or go for broke against other completely silly parodies), so the introduction and focus on the super-population bodes well for the first season’s second-half.