Griffin Newman and Valorie Curry

The Tick's Valorie Curry and Griffin Newman on secret identities and costumes

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Aug 22, 2017

The Tick officially debuts on Amazon this Friday, Aug. 25. Thankfully, that means we get to interview cool people! As such, we already spoke with the Tick himself, Peter Serafinowicz, about why he felt like he was born to play the part.

But you can't have a giant blue guy without his trusty, mouthy, side-kick, Arthur. And you can't have Arthur without his way-more-trusty, sister, Dot. And, so we asked the actors who bring those characters to life, Griffin Newman and Valorie Curry, some questions: about how they fit in the world, about how Griffin fits in his costume, and about what kind of costume Dot might wear.

Or if she even needs one.

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