The Timeless crew heads to the Old West for final Christmas mission in series finale pics

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:02 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s a show that has avoided cancellation twice already, but it seems NBC’s Timeless is finally preparing for its real swan song — and we have 30+ pics from the Christmas-themed series finale special.

The Season 2 finale cliffhanger ended things on one heck of a twist, with future versions of our heroes coming back in time to try and save a fallen comrade (#SaveRufus). It’s taken a while, but the show’s two-hour series finale special will finally answer those big questions and hopefully give fans a fitting end to a series that has defied the odds since Day 1. 

The pics offer up a ton of hints at what’s to come in “The Miracle of Christmas,” including one last Old West adventure for the Time Team. We also see pretty much every principal cast member back in action, including (most notably) Malcolm Barrett’s Rufus. It’s no huge surprise to see that Rufus will be back, but he looks to be around for much of the action, so hopefully the gang will get Rufus good and saved early in the two-hour runtime.

If you’re unfamiliar, the show follows a small team of time traveling heroes tasked with keeping the timeline straight from a nefarious group out to reshape reality on their own terms. It was cancelled following its first due to middling ratings, though a fervent fan campaign (and some dealmaking behind the scenes) brought it back for a second season. After that, it was cancelled again, though a fan campaign (and some more dealmaking) landed an agreement for a two-hour finale to wrap things up.

So, at least for now, this looks to be the end. But with Timeless, you never really know.

The finale event airs Tuesday, Dec. 20 on NBC.