The top Halloween costumes for 2017 include Wonder Woman, Leia and Pennywise

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Oct 31, 2017, 10:54 AM EDT

With Halloween here, you've probably already started to see the signs -- chief among them, of course, are the costumes everyone's decided to wear to various and sundry parties. 

Those who are choosing to dress up have no shortage of ideas to choose from, and many have drawn inspiration from any one of the movies released over the course of the year. Thanks to a survey by Fandango, 1,000 moviegoers chimed in on which characters they're deciding to dress up as this Halloween -- with the list being narrowed down to the top 10 picks for men and women, respectively.

It might not be a surprise that Wonder Woman herself was the No. 1 pick for women, with Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Leia from The Last Jedi following. Most of the top picks for women were pulled from some of the leading genre franchises of the year -- Star Wars' Rey also made it on the list, as did both Hela and Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok.

And when it came to men, Star Wars dominated too -- Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren fell within the top 10 picks, but it was the generic stormtrooper costume that actually made it all the way up to the #2 slot. As for the #1 costume among men? It's none other than the clown of our nightmares, Pennywise from IT.

You can check out both lists over at EW, as well as a couple of our favorite costumes from the winning picks that have been popping up all over social media below: