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The Toxic Avenger's Lloyd Kaufman recommended Macon Blair for remake

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Mar 23, 2019, 3:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Troma, the legendary horror company behind the Toxic Avenger and other such schlock that gave the likes of James Gunn their starts, dropped info about its new Shakespeare adaptation at C2E2.

Troma co-founder and director Lloyd Kaufman held a panel at SYFY WIRE's live stage, where he said that Gunn was going to kill him in the DC universe -- referencing the director's upcoming Suicide Squad film. But he was really there for the company's upcoming Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm, which adapts (loosely) The Tempest.

After showing a teaser filled with Prospero's horrible revenge -- sex, mutations, violence, and all that good stuff -- Kaufman talked about the remake of The Toxic Avenger. Apparently Kaufman was pushing for Macon Blair for the job and "they listened," according to the legendary director. "They'll make a Toxic Avenger that will be good" if Blair stays in the top job, Kaufman said.

As far as the film goes, Kaufman says he thinks it will be R-rated -- though he can't be sure. Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm has no release date yet.

You can find all of SYFY WIRE's C2E2 coverage here.

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