The Twitter zombie hordes moan approval for The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Fans of The Walking Dead have been anticipating this season, infecting the internet with theories since Sasha sacrificed herself—and the withdrawal is finally over.

After seven seasons of post-apocalyptic contagion, Ricktatorship, alliance, betrayal, crude surgery, hiding out in abandoned prisons and funeral homes, and, above all, hacking and shooting away at walkers, The Walking Dead is shambling into Season 8 with an epic speech and some really weird visions.  Now the zombie hordes have gone to moan their approval on Twitter.

As another season dawns on this desolate altverse, Morgan is finally killing people, baby Judith is no baby anymore, Maggie may or may not have a baby, Carl is still wearing Rick's hat, and random things explode.  Oh, and Rick apparently changed his jeans.

A zombie apocalypse will do that.


Rick is also turning up the combat. He already has zero walker tolerance, he developed zero traitor tolerance, and he officially has zero Negan tolerance. Not that he didn't want Negan vaporized before, but when Rick starts counting to 10 and doesn't even make it to 10 before raining bullets on the guy with the barbed-wire baseball bat without even scanning the parking lot for undead, you know this is war. He also goes all Henry VI on his team with those rallying speeches.


This time, Morgan doesn't discriminate between the dead and the living, at least if the living in question are a safety hazard.


Don't forget the zombies that are still biting even as the living are facing off against each other. Aocalypse theories are spawning everywhere in the Twitterverse, and in some cases, apocalypse #goals.

... and (real) food, water, vitamins, insulin, emergency surgery equipment, antibiotics, body armor, ammo ...



Ezekiel is back and totally ruling at this whole zombie obliteration thing. The tiger is nowhere to be seen, but what better weapon to set loose on Negan? #justsaying


He might be too busy, you know, shooting walkers in the head.


You knew Negan was coming back, and he made his grand entrance brandishing Lucille after some cryptic meeting. That still didn't stop most of the internet wanting Rick to blow his brains out.

Not really, because you never know if any of Negan's henchmen are still hiding in there. 


There is more to Daryl than just his crossbow ...


If you're still on Season 5 and have a week more of Netflix binge-watching to go ...


If you are caught up and haven't seen it yet, you'd better be wearing pants.