The Twitterverse goes boldly into Star Trek: Discovery

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Sep 25, 2017, 3:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Trekkies across the universe have been waiting for Star Trek to return to Earth since 2005, and as Star Trek: Discovery finally takes off to boldly go into space with the next generation of Starfleet officers—human and otherwise—aboard, the Twitterverse is hailing frequencies open.

Some fans were nervous that the series would not really be Trek past the name, even with all the Klingons (there are more Klingons in Discovery than there ever were in past iterations). Others feared that Discovery is getting a little close to the fringe of the Star Wars galaxy with epic laser battles and shots of a desolate planet that eerily echoes the desert wastes of Tatooine. While the world(s) of George Lucas find their own merit in extraterrestrial action and adventure, Star Trek is essentially an exploration of the human condition, and how unexpected turbulence that arises can challenge and even warp the human psyche.

However, in the words of Michael Burnham, aka Number One, sometimes when you’re lost, you’re found. There’s a reason Captain Georgiou led her to walk in what she only thought was a circle—until you look closer from space.

Discovery soars to life with cinematic visuals and a resolute crew who face both the wonders and horrors of space undaunted. Despite a trailer that may have made some think otherwise, Star Wars has not been beamed onto the USS Shenzhou. The series has been spawned from the the existing Star Trek Universe and manages to pay homage to it with everything from Klingon facial ridges to Chateau Picard wine while keeping its mission exciting and original. You also see the emergence of some seriously fearless women no rogue Klingon would want to mess with, as one unfortunate warrior finds out, and an unprecedented diversity among the crew. No wonder the first pre-premiere reactions to come out of the darkness were like faraway stars shining brightly enough to see from our planet.


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