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The upcoming game Maneater lets you play as a freakin' shark

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Jul 28, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

Whoa, here it comes. Watch out everyone, it'll chew you up. That shark is a maneater. No, really. And you're playing as said shark in Blindside Studios' upcoming game Maneater. Published by Tripwire, the same folks who brought us the Killing Floor series, the intriguing game places you in the fins of a shark who's just out in the world trying to survive. Yeah, that's right. Instead of trying to escape from a shark who has it out for you, you get to be the shark this time around. That alone makes Maneater worth checking out. 

The game, which first debuted during PC Gamer's PC Gaming Show earlier this year, is the perfect game for Shark Week. The single-player action RPG, as it's billed, is set in the Gulf Coast. Danger's basically everywhere. Even though you play as a shark, you've still got to keep your wits about you. 

The game's first trailer paints a picture of some humans vacationing on an idyllic island, kicking back and relaxing, until, well, you show up. Then it's pandemonium, as you jump up out of the water and onto the beach, snatching people up and chomping them whole. You even chomp up a poor fisherman who's just trying to catch some fish. You'll hunt other fish and animals as well, but you can pop up just about anywhere to ruin someone's day. Now just tell me you've never watched Jaws and thought about how cool it would be to pretend you were that shark. Awesome, right?

You're not just any shark, but a bull shark. If ravaging humans doesn't sound like fun at that particular moment, you can probe the murky depths and check out sunken wrecks, hang around swamps, or even come face to face with whales, which you can also feed on if you so choose. But the game isn't just about senseless killing. You've got a reason for your hatred of humans, after all. You see, Maneater is a tale of revenge. You're out for blood because a human took your shark mother's life, injured you, and then left you for dead. That means, well, that particular human has to die. 

As a shark, you'll become more powerful and ferocious with the more humans you take out of commission, earning new ways to interact with your environment and building up to damaging feeding frenzies. With anything on the menu, you're sure to become a formidable enemy in no time. 

Unfortunately, there's not as much information floating around out there in the ocean of video gaming news as we'd like surrounding Maneater, but from what we've seen of the announcement trailer so far and all the tidbits provided by Blindside Studios and Tripwire, it looks like it's going to be one of the more unique games to feature a shark. Typically, you're not eating humans when you get to play as none of the mammoth creatures, after all. 

The single-player title is coming soon to PC, though right now unfortunately there's no projected release date. Keep an eye out for this one, though. It looks like it's going to absolutely nail the atmosphere and feeling of actually cruising the water as a shark. And that's pretty cool, wouldn't you agree?  

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