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The Venture Bros. creators don't really plan the show — or keep track of it

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Sep 8, 2020, 8:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Fans of the long-running Adult Swim series The Venture Bros. are famously obsessive about its mythology and canon — and with good reason. The show, which largely operates on its own schedule and has aired six seasons since 2003, is gloriously and impossibly dense, with layers upon layers of story and callbacks, self-referential to the extreme.

Fans track the show's every move and document its every moment — which is particularly helpful for creators of the show, who don't exactly have the Venture Bros.' mythos as organized or memorized as their fans.

"There's no show bible! I do a word search on my computer," co-creator and executive producer Jackson Publick (whose real name is Christopher McCulloch) told SYFY WIRE at San Diego Comic-Con. "I watch the old episodes on Hulu when I want to check if we said something."

Sometimes, he said, he even checks the fan-run wiki for the show when he needs some quick information.

The sixth season of The Venture Bros. ended with a lot of loose ends, something that left many fans hanging and trying to figure out what it all meant. The truth is that Publick and his co-creator Doc Hammer simply ran out of episodes in that season, and when the seventh season premieres on August 5, the first few episodes will address all those cliffhangers.