The Wachowskis return to sci-fi action with Jupiter Ascending

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Dec 15, 2012

The last project the Wachowskis tackled on their own was the very disappointing Speed Racer three years ago, so they haven't had the best movie luck lately. But now the Matrix duo are going back to what made their careers—original material—with a new project, Jupiter Ascending.

No word yet on what this new project is about, but the Wachowskis seem to be setting it up at Warner Bros. to start production in the spring, after they've finished shooting their segments for the collaborative sci-fi historical drama Cloud Atlas
Meanwhile, the studio is on the hunt for talent to star in the project, and it could easily be a star maker. The Wachowski haven't always had the best success with the films they've done since completing the Matrix trilogy, but frustrating and confusing ending aside, that trilogy grossed $1.6 billion worldwide, so maybe original material is where it's at for this duo.
(Via Deadline)

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