The Walking Dead: AMC rep explains Maggie's lack of baby bump

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Mar 26, 2018

It's been nearly three (actual) years since Maggie (Lauren Cohan) announced she was pregnant with Glenn's baby on The Walking Dead, but there's also been a mysterious lack of what one might call a "baby bump." Fans have no problem with the undead roaming the Earth, but when it comes to the natural progression of Maggie's pregnancy, they have a harder time suspending their belief.

Cohan and showrunner Scott M. Gimple already addressed this back in September during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that while it may seem like a lot of time has passed on the show, it's actually moving slower than one might think. 

Now an unspecified AMC rep for the series is weighing in on the enigma of Maggie's flat belly. “The comic has never specified exact time, and the show does not either," they told the New York Daily News. “That would be dissecting time and not something the show has done.”

Time seems to be a major point of contention for fictional TV shows these days. You can have many fantastical elements, but don't you dare play around with the temporal parameters of the show. Just this past summer, Game of Thrones came under criticism from some fans who felt that Season 7 made the time between traveling distances just a little too short. For example, they took umbrage at the fact that Dany (Emilia Clarke) was able to travel all the way from Dragonstone to beyond the Wall in order to save Jon Snow and the others from the White Walkers.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday with the 14 episode of Season 8, "Still Gotta Mean Something."

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