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The Walking Dead asks: who is the real prisoner?

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Oct 29, 2018, 3:54 PM EDT (Updated)

In This Episode...

Michonne is having a hard time getting used to domestic life. During the day, she is mother to Judith and one of the founding mothers of the new world. But at night, she is restless, and she goes out to kill zombies with her sword. One night, a zombie takes her by surprise and she loses her sword. She beats the zombie to death with whatever she can get her hands on -- it happens to be a bat. This upsets Michonne, and is compounded when she brings Negan food and is forced to talk to him in order to make him break his hunger strike. Negan compares her to him, both of them caged, which she vehemently denies -- even though she knows it is true.


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Gabriel wakes up in the trash heap, Anne hovering over him with an armless zombie tied to a dolly. She lowers the zombie towards him, threatening to turn him into a zombie. Gabriel starts rambling about how this is all his fault, how she came to him for help and he pushed her away, etc. This speech gets to Anne and she pulls the zombie away. She knocks him out again, and when he wakes, he is alone, a note pinned to his jacket. Anne left.

Water is now rushing under the unfinished bridge. With a large amount of the workforce gone, it is not safe to continue. Rick won't give up on it; for now, it just has to be put on hold. Carol packs up her people and takes them back to the Kingdom.

While at the camp, Jerry delivers word to Rick that Maggie is heading to Alexandria to visit with Negan. Rick knows this will not end well, so he calls the relay to get a message to Alexandria, not to allow Maggie in without an escort. The relay is on Maggie's side and does not share the message. Daryl overhears this and offers to take Rick on his motorcycle. But Daryl has other plans and takes him the wrong direction. The guys get off the bike and start fighting, and they end up tumbling down into a deep hole. Eventually they work together to get out of the hole, using zombies that spill into the hole to climb up the wall. Rick calls Daryl brother, and all is forgiven between them.


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Rick discovers one of the two herds they have been following has wandered this way, so he tries to lead them away on horseback. Unfortunately, he encounters the other herd they have been monitoring. Stuck between the two herds, his horse gets spooked and throws him. Rick lands on his back on a chunk of concrete... a piece of rebar impaling him.

The group is recreating the problems of the current penal system.

So they imprison Negan to prove they are "human" and "civilized." But he is essentially in solitary confinement. He is not given anything to read, anything to do, any way to contribute. As far as I can tell, he also isn't getting any exercise time, any daylight, any fresh air. This is not civilized. This is keeping him alive as a symbol, as a way for Rick to feel better about himself.

What was Anne's endgame with Gabriel?

What is the point of turning others into zombies? Is it to prove you can? To prove you can be heartless, survive at all odds, not be held back by human emotions? Is it to prove that you can take orders from someone, no matter how stupid they are? I honestly don't understand. I would think that, if you want to stay alive, you don't create more zombies.

The Saviors

Carol has sent them back to the Sanctuary with Alden. They don't want one of "them" bossing them around, so they are going to have to go it alone. Rick seems doubtful about this plan, but accepts it. I think it is great. Carol is giving them a chance to be who they want to be -- something Negan never gave them.

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