The Walking Dead comic ups its per-issue price as industry trends up

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Jan 4, 2018, 4:03 PM EST

For the first time since the title began in 2003, Image Comics has increased the price of The Walking Dead. Whereas the popular comic has always sold for $2.99, issue #175 sells for $3.99, both physically and digitally. 

Various titles by Image Comics have made this increase over the years, with The Walking Dead being one of the most notable holdouts. For the moment, the only Image titles still available at the $2.99 price are Saga, Paper Girls, Spawn, and Snotgirl. Kelly Sue DeConnick's Bitch Planet is currently set at $3.99 for a physical copy, but can be obtained digitally for $1.99. 

Before comic fans break out the barbed wire-wrapped bats and torches, it should be noted that these prices are not so much an increase, as they are a leveling-up to current industry standards. Over at DC Comics, Dark Nights: Metal regularly sells for $3.99, as does most of the titles over at Marvel. With Image Comics becoming more and more a part of the comic book world, it is only natural that their prices reflect the larger part that they now play. 

All things considered, The Walking Dead is still a majorly popular brand, both in comics and on TV. It's something of a minor miracle that the price stayed where it was for so long.