The Walking Dead confirms which character will be crossing over to prequel series

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Nov 27, 2017, 9:42 AM EST

This is what it’s like when worlds collide—post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested worlds. Ever since it was announced at New York Comic Con that someone from The Walking Dead would be crawling back in time to when the virus first broke out in Fear the Walking Dead, hordes of ravenous fans scoured the internet for rumors when the show’s Twitter unleashed this:

Now we officially know who will be crossing over, thanks to a reveal in last night's Talking Dead: Morgan.

“The hardest part is … leaving The Walking Dead. Leaving the cast, leaving that crew,” said actor Lennie James on his time spent away working on the spinoff series.

Even though Morgan will emerge on Fear, his modern-day version is still kicking around on The Walking Dead, so expect him to hang with the reanimated corpses on both sides for a while. Seeing Fear’s world and characters through eyes that are both new to that universe but familiar from another will also be insanely interesting.

“I can’t think of a better performer and character to tie these two worlds together,” Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick admitted.

“I have to say to the fans that the journey I’ve been on playing Morgan on this incredible show is up to them, and this journey is their fault,” James laughed. “I hope they come with me over to Fear the Walking Dead, because they will get to explore more details, mores stories, more timelines."

The reveal came after weeks of speculation about which character would be chosen, most of which focused on the theory that Michael Cudlitz's Abraham would be returning for one more (early) adventure. Fans were shocked and stunned when the smart-mouthed sergeant had his skull bashed open by Negan, and fans dead and alive would have been thrilled to see him reanimate in Fear.

Fans posited that Abraham would be the easiest crossover to explain without twisting the plotlines of both shows to align with the journey. He set off from Houston after hungry walkers devoured his family and ended up in the East, where he would meet his eventual demise. Fear the Walking Dead referenced Houston in its season finale, and filming it set to resume there, so it made sense.

But alas, it seems Abraham will remain dead. At least, for now. But hey, now fans can jump on #TeamMorgan, right?