The Walking Dead: Daryl and Carol have a hilarious moment as cast thank fans for 100 Episodes

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Aug 2, 2017, 12:51 PM EDT

If you've ever been to a Walker-Stalker Con or any convention that has featured the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, you've met people that get treated like rock stars — but treat their fans like they're friends and family in return. This cast has so much fun together, and have always consistently expressed their love and gratitude for their passionate fanbase.

Now about to hit their 100th episode with the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, the cast created a special video posted across social media to just say "Thank You." Of course, it starts with the fan-favorite (and #1 "ship" on the show) characters, Carol and Daryl, as played by Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus.

Naturally, Melissa hilariously photo-bombs Norman while he's trying to introduce the video and express his excitement for Episode 100. It's adorable.

Every principal cast-member jumps in to thank fans for what they recognize is, at this point, "not just a television show." McBride said she thought she would be "one of the first" to go. Jeffrey Dean Morgan says, "I've been part of some shows that I think have incredible fans, but it's no comparison with The Walking Dead fans. It's a phenomenon."

Of course there's a lot to love about this video, and the expression of the "Walking Dead family" that the cast and fans share, but Season 8 isn't exactly setup to be a love fest. Fans who have read the comics and have been paying attention to the convention circuit this summer since the Season 7 finale know that there's something huge coming: All Out War. Andrew Lincoln does alude to that at the very end of the video.

"I love you very much. Stay tuned, 'cause 100's... gonna be big."

The Walking Dead returns October 22, 2017 on AMC for Episode 100, the Season 8 premiere, and the start of the biggest, craziest story arc yet.

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