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The Walking Dead goes full horror in the midseason finale

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Nov 25, 2018, 10:05 PM EST

In This Episode...

Daryl, Dog, Aaron, and Jesus are still on the search for Eugene. They are concerned because the herd they have been avoiding seems to have developed a new dynamic. They finally find Eugene hiding in a trapdoor in a barn. He is more terrified than we have ever seen Eugene, and that's saying something. He rambles about them whispering, and suggests that they are evolving. This leads to a fascinating conversation that is cut short as they run for their lives. The mist swirls, the team fights zombies - but one of them fights back, and kills Jesus. With all of the "zombies" dead, Daryl examines one close up, and discovers it is a human being wearing a suit of walker skin.


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Also (and far less interesting): After discovering Enid already has a boyfriend, Henry falls in with the "bad crowd" (aka - the only other teens at Hilltop) who show him their off-site "clubhouse," where they drink moonshine and torture a zombie they capture; Gabriel gives up on helping Negan reform; Negan discovers one night that no one locked his cell door - and leaves; Siddiq encourages Michonne to "mend fences" with Hilltop, but she is uninterested.

This week was a real horror show

I love it when TWD goes full horror. The last sequence tonight, with the group wandering around in the fog, killing zombies, hearing them speak... that was as horror as it gets. It is tense, it is claustrophobic, it is nerve-wracking. It was a beautiful segment that I hope we get more of next year. 

The Whisperers

They are finally, fully here! I have to say, watching Daryl hold up a zombie "mask" was one of the greatest scenes I have ever seen in this show. It was delightfully gruesome.

Bye bye Jesus

Sad to see him go - he was a great character, but with a name like Jesus, getting stabbed in the back is something that he should have seen a mile away.


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Henry's new group of "friends" proves that, no matter what is going on in the world, kids will find a way to screw it up.


Magna suspects that Hilltop is a cult just because it is being led by someone named "Jesus." I would like to explore this idea more, but Jesus is dead... so I guess we won't be. The Whisperers are kind of a cult, though....