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The Walking Dead midseason finale: Who will live, who will die?

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Dec 8, 2017

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead (which airs December 10 on AMC) is upon us, which begs the question: Who is going to die?

Now, there is no guarantee that a main character will die in Sunday's episode, but the preview teased a moment that everyone will be talking about. This isn't the kind of show where people take to social media to dissect the intricacies of a forbidden kiss, so death is really the only thing left.

I think it is safe to say that Rick, Michonne, and Carl will survive, if only for that pointless "flash forward" from the season premiere. Rick is still too much the central character to lose him; Carl has an important storyline coming up (assuming the TV show continues to follow the story in the comic books); and Michonne has barely had anything to do this season. It would be insulting to kill her off at this point.

Daryl is safe, because fans would riot if they lost Daryl. I've seen the T-shirts: "If Daryl dies, we riot." I've certainly never seen a shirt with the same sentiment about Carol. Speaking of, I don't think she will die, either. She is too much of a badass, and frankly, she hasn't had a big enough role so far this season to make her death meaningful to the story.


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Aaron just lost his boyfriend a few episodes ago, so it seems cruel to kill him off, too. They aren't likely to kill off a pregnant woman, so Maggie seems safe. Enid and Rosita have become side characters (at best) this season, so their deaths would hardly be a blip on the radar. I cannot imagine the flak the production would get if they killed off a character named Jesus, so he seems safe.

Ezekiel seems too easy a target to kill off. He is depressed after leading his troops to their death, as well as watching his beloved tiger Shiva getting torn to pieces by the undead. He could martyr himself, or he could go into a manic state that leads him to suicide. Or he could mope throughout another episode and make it into the back half of the season.

Tara seems a 50/50 to me. I could see her blinding anger causing her to act recklessly and get killed in the process. But I also see Tara as having more story in her. She has really become a strong character, and I think she could become a leader.

Gabriel seems a good candidate to die. I'm surprised he has lasted this long. He has been the most useless "main" character in the show since the first season. On top of that, he has contracted a mysterious infection or two that put him on his deathbed in the span of hours. But Father Gabriel's death doesn't seem to be a moment "everyone will be talking about."

I could see Morgan being killed off, but more for a business reason than a story reason. He is already shooting his role on Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel spin-off. Producers might worry about confusing some viewers if he is on both shows. Also, it is conceivable that Morgan could become a regular character on Fear, and if that happens, there are all sorts of SAG-AFTRA contract rules that might make it more difficult to keep him on both shows. Of course, this is all speculation. (Isn't this whole article speculation?)

Eugene seems a far more likely candidate for death – or murder. Let's face it: He abandoned Rick's team and "became" Negan without hesitation, all in an effort to save himself. He has shown no remorse for his decision, and other than not ratting out Dwight for being the traitor, has not attempted to help his former friends. If/when the Sanctuary finally falls, I cannot see Eugene being welcomed back. I can actually see Tara killing him. She has been so full of rage ever since Denise was killed, I think she needs an outlet, and Eugene seems just as good an outlet as any.

What are your thoughts? Do you think any major characters are doomed going into the midseason finale?

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