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The Walking Dead opens set for fans to visit Glenn and Abraham's memorial

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Nov 30, 2018, 4:39 PM EST

With no more Rick and dropping ratings, AMC’s The Walking Dead is using additional measures — like the prospect of multiple movies — to once again whet the zombified appetites of their fans. One of the newer tracks the show is taking is opening up the show’s Georgian studio in Senoia to tours.

According to EW, Riverwood Studios is going to allow everyday folks in the pre-apocalypse to come visit Alexandria, Sanctuary, Hilltop, Oceanside, the Heaps, and more. There’s even a memorial to Glenn and Abraham. The Walking Dead Studio Tour will cover much of the 150 acres used for the show, bringing fans into the mansions, junkyards, safe houses, and shanty towns for the first time. Additionally, “sacred sites” and new locales will be on display for tourgoers.

“For years, the devoted fans of The Walking Dead have been eager to get behind the studio walls and see the unique way this series is made. It’s exciting to now offer a closer look to all who have supported The Walking Dead,” Tom Luse, the show’s executive producer and Riverwood Studios GM said in a release. “We could think of no better way to say thank you than to share behind the scenes with the public.”

This behind-the-scenes look will open up on weekends, Friday through Sunday, starting on December 14 and running through March 31. Luckily, this winter-to-spring schedule runs in the warm Georgian south — so usually no snowfall to stop the walkers. However, when production kicks off for the new season, the tours will shut down or at least take a sabbatical.

You can get tickets to the two-hour guided bus tour here, which allows you to sign up for the bus tour and offers up the security badge used to get fans onto the lot as some sort of commemorative bonus. It could be something to hold on to in these trying times as long-running zombie show hits hurdle after hurdle.