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The Walking Dead: Our World releasing weekly missions with 9th season

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Oct 4, 2018, 10:30 AM EDT

After launching back in July, augmented reality game The Walking Dead: Our World (think Pokémon Go but killing zombies) is implementing some new content to coincide with a season of TV most will watch with heavy hearts. Knowing that Rick isn’t long for this world in Season 9 can perhaps be assuaged a small bit by Our World’s episode-centric missions being released after each week’s new episode.

According to an official announcement, beginning on Oct. 8, Our World will be adding new missions themed to the season on the Monday after each episode comes out. “We are very excited to bring the show and the mobile game together with the exclusive missions in The Walking Dead: Our World. For the duration of the season, fans can tune in to watch the show, and play all-new Season 9-themed missions every week. We will let players experience the apocalypse firsthand in their everyday life and familiar surroundings and play to get their favorite show characters on their side,” said Saara Bergström, CMO, Next Games.

While there are better rewards for these missions (players will be guaranteed TV-show character rewards for completing both the single-encounter missions and the multi-mission Infestation group mode), it’ll be interesting to see what exactly from the show makes it into the game — and if they pose threats to players who may be behind on the show their game is based upon.

So when Clayton Neuman, VP of games for AMC, says that the team “worked with Next Games to weave upcoming events from the show into the design of the game, giving our fans a unique new platform to interact with the The Walking Dead universe,” does that mean audiences better be caught up before they venture outside to fight off the undead?

As they grapple with these pressing questions, they can always look backward into the show’s history, as stars Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) have collaborated with the game’s developers to create a small mini-series called  “Life After The Walking Dead,” which posted its first episode today.