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The Walking Dead quietly answered a two-year-old mystery in its last episode

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Nov 7, 2018

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead did more than just say goodbye to Rick Grimes.

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for The Walking Dead episode "What Comes After" below.**

That was the reason most people tuned in, of course. Faithful fans all wanted to see the final fate of Andrew Lincoln's Rick and get a sense of how his friends would move on without him, and while we all got a little more than we expected in that sense, there was more at work in the show's details. It turns out that "What Comes After" actually also gave us a subtle confirmation of what happened to one of the show's vanished characters.

Remember Heath? That character, played by Corey Hawkins, hasn't been since in nearly two years, ever since he and Tara got separated by walkers. Tara eventually returned to the rest of the group, but Heath never did, and to make matters stranger, his fate was never addressed. Tara never tried to offer any explanation, no one ever tried to search for him, and the world of the show just sort of moved on. 

What didn't move on, though, was the RV Heath was riding around in the last time we saw him. Eagle-eyed fans looking around Anne's junkyard in recent episodes spotted a vehicle that looked very similar, and in Sunday's episode the two vehicles seemed identical.

Speaking to Insider, showrunner Anglea Kang confirmed that it is indeed Heath's RV, now in Anne's possession. If you put two and two together there, odds are that he was already taken by the still-mysterious helictoper people just like Rick, and Kang confirmed that is indeed what the show was implying.

"That was kind of the intention that we had in the back of our heads this whole time," Kang said. "Even back in that season where you know we had to write the wonderful Corey Hawkins out because he had huge opportunities in the feature film world... those seeds were already set there."

Hawkins has indeed moved on to big opportunities in films like Straight Outta Compton and BlacKkKlansman, leaving less room for featured spots on The Walking Dead. Heath remains a major character in Robert Kirkman's comic book series, though, so perhaps those upcoming Rick Grimes movies present an opportunity for the character to return. Whether he comes back or not, at least now we know that Heath wasn't just gobbled up by walkers off camera.

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