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The Walking Dead recap: Negan returns to the Sanctuary

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Apr 8, 2018, 10:15 PM EDT

Spoiler alert! The following is a recap of The Walking Dead episode 815 - "Worth." It is full of spoilers. If you need to catch up, check out last week's recap.

At the start of tonight's episode, it is still believed that Negan is dead. Simon is throwing his dick around, seizing control of the Saviors, but he just doesn't have the same threatening presence as Negan. Gregory barely flinches at Simon's threats (and we all know what a wuss he is), and Eugene isn't worried that his bullet-makers won't meet Simon's new, unrealistic demands.

After berating Gabriel, who was specifically creating bullets that wouldn't work properly in an attempt to cut down on loss of life, Eugene goes outside to test some of the bullets. While out there, Rosita and Daryl kill his companion and take Eugene hostage. Eugene thinks he is being kept alive because Rosita and Daryl have some affection for him, but Rosita is quick to disavow him of this belief. She would happily kill him, but they need his knowledge and intend to put him to work. On their way back to the Hilltop, they run into some walkers. While Daryl kills them, Eugene forces himself to vomit on Rosita. This distraction allows Eugene to escape. He hides in a pile of dirt and ashes until the coast is clear.

The Walking Dead episode 815 - Simon

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Back at the Sanctuary, Dwight goes outside for a smoke, and he is surprised to see Negan. Negan goes inside and holds court with Simon, Dwight, and his other capos. Simon plays the subservient son, insisting he thought Negan was dead, acknowledging that he lacks discipline, and was trying to make up for a bad situation by exterminating the Hilltop. He doesn't beg for forgiveness; he merely asks for a pass on this one. Negan reveals that Simon was the one behind the murder of the men at Oceanside, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to keep Simon around - "some might think that is demented and ghoulish." Negan makes Simon get down on his knees and Negan forgives him. They move on to the important business of plotting. Negan's new plan is not to take the Hilltop, but set up sniper teams around the community, taking out anyone who dares leave. He presents a map with the sniper points circled, and declares they send out 10-person teams tomorrow. After the meeting Negan takes Dwight aside and compliments him on his hard work and "keeping clear."

Dwight makes a copy of this map, with the sniper points, along with a note, warning Rick of what Negan's plan is. Simon interrupts and tells Dwight that they need to "begin what is next." What is next is Dwight, a handful of Negan's capos, Gregory, and Simon meeting outside. Simon informs them that if they are here right now, they are "in." He wants to take out Negan quickly, quietly, and respectfully. He offers Dwight the kill shot. Negan comes out, thanks Dwight for the heads up and kills everyone except Dwight, Simon, and Gregory. Negan is pissed that Simon killed the garbage people after he told him not to. But, Negan being Negan, is still going to give Simon his shot at being "the man."

The Walking Dead episode 815 - Negan meets with his men

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Negan brings Simon inside and has the Saviors line up in front of him. Simon is a bit hesitant, but tries to hide it, rallying the troops to hold the Sanctuary and bring down the Hilltop. Negan encourages Simon to punch him, and he does. Negan punches back, and the two men brawl. While they fight, Dwight passes the map with the note to Gregory and insists he bring it to Rick. The brawl is over -  Negan has strangled Simon to death.

Negan names Dwight his new right hand man, and Dwight promises to help settle things with Rick. But Negan has another plan for Dwight. Waiting in his room is Laura, who was the straggler that Negan picked up in the last episode. Laura has told Negan all about how Dwight turned on the Saviors, killed members of the team. "I ran, but I wanted to come back here and expose you," Laura says, voice dripping with vitriol. Negan is pissed, but he doesn't kill Dwight just yet. The plan that Dwight sent to Rick was all a setup to lead Rick's group into the line of fire. "I thought about killing you, but thought that would be too dignified for you," Negan teases. "I've got plans for you."

Simon is now a zombie on the fence outside the Sanctuary. Michonne calls Negan on the walkie to read him the letter Carl wrote to him. In the letter, Carl explains that even if he beats Rick's group, there will always be someone else to fight. "The way out is believing you don't have to fight anymore," Carl said. He hopes that Rick will offer him peace, and that Negan will take it. Though Negan seems touched that Carl wrote him a letter, he cannot back down. "There is no getting out of this now. I won't accept your surrender. Winning isn't about beating you; it's about killing all of you and starting over." He is done talking. He crushes the walkie-talkie beneath his boot.

The Walking Dead episode 815 - Negan meets with Dwight

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Also: Rick finally reads Carl's letter to him. He tells his dad about happy memories from his childhood, and reminds Rick that there are "regular" people among the Saviors, and he doesn't want them to die. There is a bigger world out there, more people out there, a chance to have a real life. But the only way he can do that is to find peace with Negan. "Don't forget, but find a way forward."

As an almost pointless aside, we visit Aaron, who is still hanging outside Oceanside, hoping to convince them to join the Hilltoppers. They leave him to die in the woods. Frankly, I don't know what the point of this is. It's almost like, "Oh, we dumped Aaron in the woods a few episodes ago; we better check in on him."

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