The Walking Dead star debunks fan theory connecting Jadis to the Whisperers

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Mar 6, 2018, 11:29 AM EST (Updated)

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead ("The Lost and the Plunderers") did not end well for the Scavengers. Even after fans were still reeling from the death of Carl (Chandler Riggs), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ordered that Simon kill one of the Scavengers to make sure the rest fell in line. Instead, Simon (Steven Ogg) decides to kill all of them after he is disrespected by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), their leader. When Rick and Michonne show up to the Scavengers' junkyard HQ, they find that all of them except Jadis have been killed and turned into walkers.

After the loss of her friends, Jadis finally dropped her distant exterior and opened up about her past as a junkyard artist who used her workspace as a way to isolate herself from the rest of the world. Last we saw of her, a crying Jadis was luring her friends-turned-zombies into an industrial shredder before enjoying some applesauce. This soul-crushing development for her character had some viewers speculating that McIntosh would become the antagonist known as Alpha who, in the comics, leads a group of survivors called the Whisperers. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, McIntosh debunked the theory, saying it has persisted from the moment she was cast in the role of Jadis. 

"[Alpha's] been brought up by the fans on those funny sites since I got cast, before we even shot a second of it or anyone had seen a script," she said. "People really love that character and they are excited to see her, and I’d be honored for it to be me, but I’d also be thrilled if we could have another great female character come in, and why not have two? So, for me, it’s like which is better? Which is more exciting: to add another great woman to the cast of characters, or to get to do it myself? I don’t honestly know. They’ll decide."

That didn't stop her from annoying showrunner Scott Gimple about the appearance of Alpha.

"I bug him about it all the time!," said McIntosh. "He’s said publicly and to me, 'It’s a completely different thing. It’s not you.' And I say, 'Fine, okay.'"

The Walking Dead returns Sunday with the 11th episode of Season 8, "Dead or Alive Or." 

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