The Walking Dead: The king, the widow, and Rick catch their breaths

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler alert! The following recap contains massive spoilers about The Walking Dead Episode 806, "The King, the Widow, and Rick."

It's intermission in the War Against the Saviors.

At the Hilltop, Gregory is still being wormy. He tries to counsel Maggie on what to do with Jesus' POWs, who are currently being kept outside the gates. She and her people build a holding cell inside the walls and bring the POWs inside. They will be fed and not mistreated, but Maggie can't trust them. She also throws Gregory into the holding cell. He fights and cries, and basically just pulls a Gregory, but in he goes.

One guy (perhaps the one who originally tried to kill Jesus a few episodes ago?) tries to steal a gun, but fails. Later, he tries to cut his binds with a rock. Dillon stops him, begging him to chill out. Doesn't matter; Maggie later reveals that the main reason she is keeping the POWs alive is in case they need a bargaining chip with the Saviors, especially if they have any of Maggie's people held hostage. But either way, Maggie admits to Aaron that they can't live.


Ezekiel has not left his "throne room" since returning from battle. Carol finally pushes her way into the room and confronts Ezekiel, who is on the floor, at the foot of his throne, clutching Shiva's chain. Carol insists that he needs to pull himself together, play the part he made for himself, and offer comfort and leadership to his people. Ezekiel is too busy feeling guilty about leading his people to slaughter -- and missing his tiger -- to resume his LARPing. He admits that he kept visiting Carol in the little house outside the community, because she made him feel "real," something she admits to as well. They almost look like they are going to hook up, but it doesn't happen. Ezekiel simply can't speak to his people.


Rick doesn't go back to Alexandria, which concerns Michonne (more on her in a second). Instead, he makes another attempt to strike a deal with the trash people. They decline -- and take him as a prisoner, keeping him locked up, naked, in a shipping container.

I want to take a minute to vent here. Why does Jadis speak in that horrible, stilted baby talk? She sounds like an autistic Yoda. My 3-year-old nephew puts together more coherent sentences than she does. Just because the world has come to an end doesn't mean you lose the ability to form sentences. I understand that, like Ezekiel, it may be tempting to put on a different character, but I have to imagine that forgoing the niceties of sentence structure is far more difficult than talking like a normal human being.

Moving on: Michonne is still recovering from her injuries, but she is too worried about Rick, so she needs to go see the Sanctuary for herself. Rosita, looking just as terrible, can't talk Michonne out of it, so she joins her. On their drive, they hear choir music and go investigate. Inside of a garage, they find a couple Saviors. They had been out scavenging when the Alexandrians hit, and they are putting together an enormous sound system in a truck in the hopes of luring the zombies away from the Sanctuary, thereby saving Negan and making them heroes.

Michonne and Rosita are not afraid to take on these two Saviors. The male Savior tries to leave, but Rosita has a grenade launcher trained on him. He doesn't believe she will shoot, but of course she does -- she blows him into tiny particles. Unfortunately, his partner escapes and drives off in the thumping truck.

At the first intersection, she is T-boned by a huge box truck. It is Daryl. He and Tara were on their way to finish off the Saviors (off-book, natch), and this is just a happy accident. Daryl takes Michonne and Rosita to see the walker-infested Sanctuary -- then enlists them in helping with the next, unauthorized steps.


Carl has a bit of story this week, too. He goes out looking for -- and finds -- the man from the gas station that Rick scared off. Carl approaches Siddiq cautiously, and asks him his dad's questions. Siddiq has killed over 200 zombies, only one human, who was already a victim of zombies. Carl has decided to take Siddiq back to Alexandria with him. Hopefully, this will teach Rick that all of humanity is not a lost cause.

Tonight was a solid episode that didn't have much in the way of action -- or plot, really. It felt like a "breather" episode. A chance for the cast and crew to shoot an "easy" episode. No death, no big action scenes. And yet this episode didn't feel boring, or unnecessarily "artsy." I do wonder why Rick didn't get a nickname. It's "The King, the Widow, and Rick." Couldn't it have been, like, "The King, the Widow, and the Sheriff"? Or, as one of the characters suggested for tonight's episode, "The King, the Widow, and Rick the Prick"?

What were your thoughts on the episode?