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The Walking Dead time jumps again as the community pushes on without Rick

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Nov 11, 2018, 10:20 PM EST

In This Episode...

So the time jump sticks. We are about five years or so in the future. Daryl is living in the woods all alone. Michonne has become a bit bitter, despite the fact that Rick did manage to put a baby in her before he was exploded. (I assume that is Rick's baby, because it doesn't appear she has shacked up with anyone else.) Ezekiel and Carol are still together, and Henry calls them mom and dad. Gabriel and Rosita are also together, which seems weird - they have no chemistry together. Eugene is still in love with Rosita. Negan is still alive, still in prison, and seems to be in a better mood.


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Picking up where last week left off, Eugene, Aaron, and Rosita find Judith with her new "friends." Judith insists on bringing them back to Alexandria, and though the adults fight her on this - it is against the rules - they finally give in. When Michonne returns, she is pissed off to discover them, but softens slightly when Judith admits they are there because of her. Aaron and Gabriel back her up, and it is decided that the council will vote on them in the morning.

At the council, the newcomers are questioned and everyone seems ready to let them stay, until Michonne reveals that Magna has a prison tattoo, and that she has been hiding a knife in her belt buckle. The vote never comes; it is just kind of decided that, as soon as their fifth member is on her feet, they leave. Judith doesn't like this, and implores her mother to do what Rick would do. Michonne still doesn't trust them, but she agrees to personally escort them to the Hilltop, which should be able to take them.

At the Kingdom, Henry is desperate for better tools to fix things around the encampment, instead of just wrapping duct tape around it. Ezekiel can't bear the thought of letting him go, but he relents and Carol escorts him to Hilltop to apprentice with the blacksmith. On the way, Henry hears a woman calling for help and, without thinking, runs to help her. It turns out it is a trap, led by Jed. They steal all the food and supplies Carol and Henry have with them, but leave them with their horses and their lives. Jed spies Carol's ring and he wants that, too. Henry jumps in with his stick and attacks, which sends Carol into protective mother mode. She hands over the ring, and the "Saviors" leave. I have to assume the ring is just to hurt Carol, as it is not like it has any monetary value anymore.


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That night, Henry is mad that Carol wouldn't stand up for what is right. She brushes it off, but later that night, she wakes Jed and his clan with a sprinkle of gasoline and a lit match. Jed begs her to leave them alone, "you won't see us again." Carol agrees, tosses the match casually, and walks away. She gets her ring back. When she and Henry head out in the morning, they make amends, and he doesn't mention that she got her ring back. They pull off the road and encounter Daryl. Carol smiles at him. "Need a ride, stranger?"


There is so much going on with Carol in this episode. She and Ezekiel are still together, and though the Kingdom refer to her as their queen, she seems quick to point out that they never married. She is also mother to Henry. I sense that Carol hasn't officially "married" Ezekiel (whatever that may look like in this new world) because she still has a thing for Daryl. She seems to know where he is in the woods, and she likely visits him frequently. Perhaps more frequently than she will admit to her king.

Also, Carol let her hair get all Laurie Strode-ish. I don't like it. It makes her look old and matronly.

Zombies are part of the circle of life

Daryl is hunting in the woods when he comes across a zombie that seems to be stuck on a tree. Before he can shoot it, he notices a bird on its shoulder. The bird finds a worm on the zombie and brings it back to its nest for its hatchlings. And suddenly, the zombie doesn't seem so threatening anymore.


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Henry is now the Carl of the comic books

In the comics, Carl is the one who leaves home to apprentice with the blacksmith. Now it is Henry. I suspect that Henry will now fill in on all of Carl's important comic book stories. If I remember correctly, next up, Henry/Carl will save a teenage girl who doesn't like being a Whisperer and lose his virginity to her.

The Whisperers!!

They are finally here! Eugene and Rosita are out installing radio boosters when they spot a huge herd of zombies moving their way. Their horses get spooked and run; Eugene injures his knee; they have to escape on foot. When they realize they won't make it, they hide down behind an embankment, covering themselves in swamp sludge. As the herd passes, we can hear someone whisper, "Don't let them get away!"

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