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The Walking Dead: Rick and Carl GrimesThis pair would’ve never made the list a few years ago, but Carl has grown into one of the most ass-kicking members of the team over the last season. Heck, he’s even handled the whole thing a lot better than his dad Rick while at the prison. From his abilities to make the hard decisions quickly, to his impeccable aim, Carl would be a great addition to the team. Add in Rick’s leadership abilities (when he’s sane, at least), and they can hold their own.

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln croons a goofy goodbye for Chandler Riggs

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Feb 23, 2018, 3:32 PM EST

If you’re kind of emotional about Carl Grimes’ impending exit from The Walking Dead, it’s probably a coin toss whether watching dad Rick serenade his longtime TWD fam will make you laugh, cry, or a little bit of both.

The Walking Dead’s main man, Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick Grimes), sat down at the piano recently to improvise a funny-yet-sad, lo-fi farewell note to Chandler Riggs, whose stint as Carl on the show looks set to come to a feverish, zombifying end.

Set to the tune of Camila Caboello’s “Havana,” Lincoln ooh-la-las his way through a silly (yet strangely poignant) walkthrough of what he loves and hates about the time he and Riggs have shared on the show.

Lincoln jokes that he’s “never going to have to say Carl again,” before admitting that, with Riggs’ departure, “the minuses far outweigh the plusses.”

It’s not all tears and hankies, though. Lincoln riffs in goofy fashion on the travails of starring in a serial TV show about the undead: “God I hate those freakin’ zombies! They keep eating all of my friends and family,” he merrily chirps.

Dead followers know that Carl’s not long for this world after being zombie-bitten (offscreen) in the Season 8 episode “How It’s Gotta Be.” We’ll get to see how his goodbye will play out Sunday, Feb. 25, when The Walking Dead continues on AMC.