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The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs reveals how he thinks the TV series will end

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Mar 13, 2020, 11:53 AM EDT

He might’ve left the show a couple of years ago, but longtime The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs is still keeping up with the latest on the zombie series. So how does he think it will all end?

Riggs, who played Carl Grimes for the better part of a decade on the AMC series, was asked about the show’s future during a recent Wizard World Cleveland panel. Though he made clear he has no inside intel about the longterm plan for the show — which makes sense, considering there’s been a time jump and plenty of major deaths and developments since he left — Riggs said he does have a theory for how he thinks it’s all going to end.

His theory? It’s all going to come down to the mysterious CRM group facing off with the Commonwealth with a war for the fate of the living. So basically, the biggest clash yet for a franchise that’s featured plenty of clashes.

“My kind of theory is that the whole CRM thing they're setting up, they're setting it up to be the CRM versus the Commonwealth and there’s gonna be a big battle at the end," Riggs said at the event. "That's kind of how they're gonna close out the whole franchise. That's my guess… I promise I know nothing, I’m not spoiling anything. This is purely my guess.”

If you’re unfamiliar, the CRM group is a mysterious civilization that’s been teased across The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead the past couple of seasons, though we still know little about the group as a whole. It’s been presumed the three letters represent three groups or communities that have aligned. The Commonwealth is a large community that plays a pivotal role in the final arc of the comic book run, and is by far the largest community the survivors ever encounter.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.