The Walking Dead's Kirkman on almost killing Negan and his new sci-fi book Oblivion Song

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Mar 26, 2021, 3:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Zombies, aliens, and post-apocalyptic-ish alt-universes are just some of the beasts that have spawned from comic writer Robert Kirkman’s imagination, and things crawling on the verge of spoiler territory have just been unleashed.

The Walking Dead is creeping up on its eighth season and after 99 episodes and 172 issues, Rick Grimes is not dead yet. Yes, he will die at some point. Even Kirkman has no idea when exactly he’s going to send Rick Grimes beyond the grave (and whether or not the character will zombify), but he stressed that since the series will still be shambling on years from now, he should be expected to leave this mortal coil at some point. At least he promised not to kill Michonne. Yet.

Offing someone here and there doesn’t seem to bother Kirkman, who admitted that he smashed Lucille because he “had to kill something” and sever “the audience connection to an inanimate object”. He almost had Grimes decapitate Negan and deliver his head to Maggie, but just before he was about to inflict some major carnage on a fictional character, he realized he was dying to write more of his potential victim. So Negan survives.

As you would probably expect from someone who makes much of his living off zombies, Kirkman came close to unearthing things about The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead that would have made AMC angry a ridiculous amount of times. “The things I know about Season 4 [of Fear the Walking Dead]…” he teased. He also hinted at major things happening for Jesus and the eventual return of Heath. Oh, and The Walking Dead might cross paths with Fear the Walking Dead at some point. Where that point is and whether it will actually happen remains unknown, but Kirkman did mention it before forcing himself to turn away from the microphone. He does have an endgame in mind for The Walking Dead—but he's unsure which will come first, that or an actual zombie apocalypse.


RIP Lucille. Credit: Skybound Comics


Kirkman doesn’t only deal in the undead. Invincible is going to be swallowed by a massive robot war really, really soon, and the author swears that every event in the series, no matter how bizarre, is interconnected somehow. He also insists that aliens think differently from us. Especially Viltrumites.

Now to the book you’re going to want within the first 30 nanoseconds it comes out: Oblivion Song. Kirkman describes it as an “apocalyptic hellscape”, which was pretty accurate considering a mind-blowing preview involving three-eyed radioactive zombie monsters, hypodermic needles and mass chaos.

By the way, for anyone left hanging about when Season 2 of the TV version of Outcast is hitting the U.S., no word yet, which gives you plenty of time to read the comic.

Exactly how many Robert Kirkman clones exist is debatable, because alongside these epic projects, he is the mastermind behind several predictably awesome genre shows that will be available to livestream on Amazon. There is also another incarnation of Battle Beast lurking somewhere out there…he just doesn’t know where. But it’s lurking.