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The Walking Dead's latest episode sets another record low for viewership

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Oct 23, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

We’ve got even more bad news for fans of The Walking Dead. With Andrew Lincoln’s exit from the zombie apocalypse series imminent, ratings for the show continue to decline. In fact, this past episode, “Warning Signs,” broke the record previously achieved by last week’s episode for the lowest rated of the series. 

According to Deadline, the episode’s Live + Same Day results among adults 18-49 drew a score of 1.94. The previous low was…well…last week’s episode, which drew a score of 2.0 in the same demographic, which was then a record low for the series. The 18-49 demographic score also saw a 50 percent decline from what Season 8’s third episode received on November 5, 2017.

That said, “Warning Signs” drew 5 million viewers on October 21, bringing overall viewership up by 2 percent. And although ratings for The Walking Dead continue to flag, it's important to note they’re still substantially higher than the average cable series.

In fact, of the Top 25 original cable shows in adults 18-49 for the previous week (Oct. 8-14), The Walking Dead’s ratings score was twice that of the second highest-rated non-sports show, American Horror Story. And The Walking Dead was the only non-sports program among the top 10 shows. Still, it seems we've been writing these flagging ratings articles with some regularity these days. So, the show is certainly reaching a new, more human normal.

Regardless, clearly the show's not going anywhere anytime soon. At least, it’s definitely not going anywhere before Andrew Lincoln leaves the AMC series on November 4. 

(Via Deadline)