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The Walking Dead's midseason finale is so juicy, spoiler sites refuse to spoil it

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Dec 8, 2017, 5:44 PM EST (Updated)

The Walking Dead has had a spotty track record (at best) for keeping its spoilers and twists close to the vest over the course of its seven-year run. Some fans contribute more to the problem than others, as Uproxx reports that certain fan-run speculation websites and info-gathering Facebook groups came into direct opposition with AMC’s wishes, publishing twist after twist the showrunners would’ve liked to keep in-show.

With the show’s eighth season quickly approaching its midseason finale on Sunday, AMC is promising another major moment to keep one of the show’s lowest-rated seasons hitting as hard as it has in the past. Yet some spoiler sites that AMC has sparred with in the past seem suddenly ready to comply with their hush-hush wishes.

In an act of apparent self-censorship, admins ShinyFirefly & NinjaPancake of The Spoiling Dead wrote in their Season 8, Episode 8 post that “after careful consideration [they] have decided that [they] will not be providing a Q&A or any spoilery bits this week.”

Continuing, they said, “AMC has been hyping a very shocking moment that will occur in this episode. I think most of us know this almost certainly means a death. We invite you to draw your own conclusions on what will happen. Review the spoiler journal, filming and discussion threads, and take what bits you can and try to put the pieces together.”

Preserving their independence -- yet adding to the air of mystery -- they deny AMC’s involvement with the decision and promise to share their reasons for radio silence after the episode airs.

That almost certainly means a death is coming. A major one. What other moment could have such impact in a show primarily focused on survival? That said, The Spoiling Dead Fans have reported on twisty deaths before, to the point where AMC was threatening a lawsuit.

So the former’s refusal to speculate or spoil only makes the hype seem more warranted. Audiences will have to wait until Sunday to find out.