The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies resurrects a dead son in eerie new trailer for The Other Side of the Door

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Jan 11, 2016, 11:50 AM EST

Lauren Cohan of The Boy isn't the only cast member from The Walking Dead headlining an original horror movie this winter.  Former survivor Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Rick's adulterous wife in the first three seasons, stars in The Other Side of the Door, a disturbing new supernatural film about a mother's ill-advised attempt to communicate with her deceased son after a tragic accident in India.

Written and directed by British filmmaker Johannes Roberts (Storage 24, Roadkill), this stylish fright flick has the cautionary tone of classic horror short stories and comic books, where obsession and grief in the face of sudden death lead to some poor coping choices in an effort to restore life to their loved ones.  The foreign setting, impressive makeup effects and murky cinematography could elevate this movie above more mediocre fare.

Read the official synopsis by 20th Century Fox, then watch the unsettling new international trailer below.

A family living overseas in Mumbai, India, are struck by tragedy when their 8-year-old son, Oliver, is killed in a car accident, for which his mother, Maria, feels directly responsible. Maria falls into a deep depression, unable to function around her husband or 6-year-old daughter, who survived the crash. But her housekeeper tells her about a Hindu ritual that will allow her to speak to her son one last time. She’s instructed to head to an abandoned temple, sprinkle her son’s ashes, and when he appears at night, speak to him from the other side of the temple portal. It soon becomes clear that Maria is haunted by her son and other spirits angered by the sacrilege of the open door.


Also starring Jeremy Sisto, Sofia Rosinsky and Logan Creran, The Other Side of the Door opens on March 11.

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