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The Walking…Deadpool? The mouthy merc does a zombie take for Deadpool 2 preview

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Apr 16, 2018, 12:15 PM EDT (Updated)

If you stuck around for all three of AMC’s Walking Dead shows this week, you may have noticed during the commercial breaks that the folks behind Deadpool 2 haven’t lost their touch for sassy crossover marketing. 

Cobbling together a single trailer from three shards of mostly familiar footage from the upcoming movie, Deadpool 2 gave us a finished, zombie-themed preview clip by the time Talking Dead, the third show in Sunday’s TWD-themed arc, had finished. The first part of the movie’s preview clip dropped during the finale for Season 8 of The Walking Dead, followed by a second cut during the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead and, finally, the finisher — which came during AMC’s Talking Dead sit-around.

In case you missed it, the movie’s official Twitter page preserved the silliness for posterity (and potential ticket buyers), kicking things off with a tweet that helpfully distinguishes “#WalkingDeapool” from, well, just regular ol’ Deadpool.

Nearly all of the footage contained in the three slices already has been revealed in previous trailers, but Deadpool 2 keeps racking up originality points for finding new ways to insinuate itself into almost everything. This week's zombie crossover is only the latest in a long line of double-take-worthy appearances by the mouthy merc in just about every obscure corner of the pop culture universe.

Whether he’s filling out goofy coloring books, going on a hidden-pictures Easter egg hunt, easing you through a Bob Ross-style session of paint therapy, sassing cancer with the rudeness it deserves, hawking the lowbrow appeal of a reheated TV dinner, or guest-editing a very special edition of Good Housekeeping, Wade Wilson keeps elevating guerrilla marketing into the mainstream in a way few movie heroes have the moxie — or the cultural clout — to pull off.

With a full month still left between now and the release of Deadpool 2, expect the aggressively silly sales tactics only to escalate: Ryan Reynolds walks Deadpool 2 back into theaters beginning May 18. And in case you missed it from the last of those zombie-rific tweets, online ticket sales begin April 19.

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