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The Warehouse: Ron Howard may be heading to the Cloud for next movie

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Apr 30, 2018, 9:10 PM EDT

In just under a month, Ron Howard’s rescue mission for Solo: A Star Wars Story will be complete, and movie lovers will be able to judge the Han Solo film by its own merits rather than its behind-the-scenes drama. Now, Howard is on the lookout for his next project, and he may have found it with the help of longtime production partner, Brian Grazer.

According to Deadline, Howard and Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment won a bidding war for The Warehouse, an upcoming novel by Rob Hart. Imagine reportedly made a “high six figure deal” to close this contract, which seems to indicate that this movie will happen sooner rather than later. The deal was signed with an eye towards Howard directing the eventual adaptation.

Hart took to twitter to celebrate the news...

While The Warehouse isn’t out in bookstores yet, we do know a little bit about the plot. It takes place in the near future, as “an online giant” called Cloud decides to rebrand itself as the savior of humanity. A spy and a security worker employed by Cloud find themselves falling in love. However, their burgeoning relationship will be tested by the deadly nature of the spy’s world and a “dark truth” behind Cloud’s intentions.

An “online giant” that is everywhere and sells everything? That sounds like a few companies in the real world. So there’s a chance that The Warehouse will actually be sold on the very platform that Hart is critiquing in the story.