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'The Warrior Princess Bride' is a look back at the beginning of a beautiful partnership on Killjoys

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Jul 21, 2018, 12:56 PM EDT (Updated)

I know I say it every time, but ...

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the Killjoys Season 4 premiere or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

Welcome back to Killjoys recaps on SYFY. It's been a while, huh? Have we really been waiting 10 months to see what the heck happened to Dutch and Aneela after they stepped into the Green in an effort to stop The Lady? 

Well, we're all gonna have to wait a bit longer for those answers, because they weren't really the point of the episode. Instead, we got a little history lesson and finally found out how Dutch and Johnny became a team and how Yalena Yardeen became Dutch.

I'm not sure which I enjoyed more. Dutch in her badass coat or Johnny in his leathers and guyliner. I'm leaning toward the latter. But I also enjoyed seeing Johnny with an edge. John Jaqobis tends to lean more good guy in most situations, so seeing him play roguish is fun. 

Similarly, I loved seeing Lucy and Johnny interact in the early days. We've always known Lucy was Dutch's ship, but we're not used to Johnny getting shut down. 

One other benefit of this little trip to the past is getting to see some familiar faces before we were all too familiar. There's something sort of "Awwww" about seeing Hills Oonan grifting Dutch and Johnny for 10,000 joy when they first dock because we already know he turned out to be okay. Maybe it makes me a terrible human being, but I giggled and said "Suckerrrrsss" when they finally figured it out. 

Or getting to see Pree (love the eyebrows). Oh and, hi Turin, you adorable asshole.

Khlyen's story has everything, and the episode offers a perfect opportunity for a blast to the past while also keeping us up to speed on what's happening in real time.

Last season, we saw Aneela and Dutch step into the GreenSpace and come out on the other side with Khlyen there to fight with them. Do all Hullen go into the Green Space when they die? Is Khlyen another memory Aneela pulled out of the green? How does that work? And who is The Lady, really? And what's happening with Dutch's wound?

Aggggh, so many questions.

Really enjoyed seeing Big Joe (Tony Nappo) again. I'm a sucker for a tough guy who's really a good guy underneath it all. It's also fun to watch Dutch win a dick measuring contest handily. If nothing else, he gets our team a chance to redeem himself and gets us on to the next part of the episode.

I love when our Killjoys go undercover. Especially at a fancy party.

Y'know, most of the time I think Qreshi nobility has its head up its ass when it comes to their customs, but I like the Ten Year idea. I mean, it's kind of logical, and if you want a new partner, you have a simple, legal way to manage it and no one's caught in a messy divorce battle. Plus, a chance for a party is a chance for a party.

Show of hands, who wants more Dutch/Johnny tango? It's extremely rare to see a little sexual spark with them, but this is early days, so the flash is delectable. They're just so good together. Ultimately, I love seeing them as they are now, friends who love each other deeply, but it's still fun to watch them spar.

I'm also going to skip over a lot of the assassin subplot save to say that lady assassins are cool and getting kicked in the face with a stiletto has GOT to suck. The bigger part of this was about the cost of that life and how Johnny Jaqobis is a real chance for Dutch to have a chance at something more. It's bittersweet knowing what we know now, but maybe the lesson is that, no matter how much Dutch thinks she's not worth saving, she has people who have her back regardless.

Maybe it's about having a hope of redemption. 

I don't know. What do you think?

I also really enjoyed the little Red 17 intel and Big Joe setting up how Dutch and Johnny became Killjoys in the first place. Nice, neat, efficient, and a callback. A lot of this episode works on multiple levels for newbies and longtime fans alike.

In the end, Khlyen's story about the thief and the princess has a moral, and it's my belief that it is this moral that sets up Season 4.

Johnny and Dutch always save each other.

As Khlyen says, Johnny is her true north. Her only way home.

Random tidbits

Johnny saying "I hate this place" when we know how much he'll love it.

"Try the Sexers. Avoid the pork."

It's nice to know Pree was a fan of Johnny's blue eyes from the get-go.

"Princess self-defense classes. It was a tough kingdom." I guffawed.

I couldn't quite figure out where to fit my thoughts about the scene between Johnny and Lucy after Dutch locks him up. It's a window into how the two of them built their relationship. It's also a great setup for what's to come when it comes to John. No, I'm not telling you because spoilers, but let's just say I think Lucy's read on John is going to become very important.

"You just need to be needed." "Obviously! Still rude to say." Gods, I adore this show.

Am I the only one who noticed John Jaqobis having a heart-to-heart moment with Dutch while sitting on a bondage chair?

Khlyen calling Aneela "Neely." Everyone gets a nickname.

Final Thought

As much as this episode was about Dutch and Johnny, the one I'm most interested in right now is Aneela. She's got all of herself back now. She remembers everything. She's protective of Dutch and she truly wants to keep her safe. 

Right now, Dutch is out there, under attack with only a story to guide her way?

I wonder what'll happen next.

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